Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Velocity studies and analyses both the domestic and global energy market to identity the key catalysts for change, emerging trends and potential challenges. The continuous inflow of data and their accurate analysis is a critical factor in decision-making related to energy policy and the strategic energy directions it recommends to its customers. Our deep understanding of the market helps to adopt measures that safeguard industries against excessive volatility and make them more resilient in the event of future upheavals.
Thanks to its advanced data analysis system, the Velocity  team constantly monitors any changes in network tariffs, taxes, power and gas prices and government subsidies, and notifies its customers through a monthly detailed report that outlines the data and their forecasts.

International and domestic developments

Learn easily and quickly about every development in the energy sector that could affect your decisions.

Energy Market Monitoring

Monitor the mobility of energy resource markets so you can make the best management choice every time.

Changes in network tariffs and taxes

Stay tuned to institutional developments that can affect the net cost of your bills for electricity or natural gas due to regulated charges (ADMIE, DEDDIE, DESFA), clauses and other fees, or due to relief or consumer subsidies.

Useful articles and insights

Invest in being kept up to date on the energy market and learn everything about managing energy resources with news from institutions, markets, international industry practices and news channels covering energy in Greece and abroad, through articles written by our consultants.

Market Terminology

Take advantage of the comprehensive list of terms and concepts related to the energy market, with definitions and examples, so you can make it easier for your company departments and managers to work with a different area of expertise. Terms are presented in a simple and comprehensible way to best serve your administrative and technical meetings and equip you with the knowledge necessary for your future decision-making.