Data control and management

Data Monitoring & Management

Fluctuations in the energy market magnify the need to better manage the industrial sector’s energy portfolio, both in terms of size and energy data and in terms of tariffs. Understanding and recording an industry’s energy profile coupled with methods to forecast future consumption play a decisive role in helping keep expenditure under control and in optimising the choice of efficient energy solutions.
Velocity has its own data management software enabling it to provide top-class advice about how to control, manage and forecast energy demand, and how to optimise the mix at the best possible cost.
Our team comprises experienced professionals from the energy market and has mechanisms in place to ensure the correctness of invoices issued by power providers. The advanced data control system it uses identifies errors and weak areas, and makes corrections and modifications to minimise costs.

Volume control & forecasting

Compare consumption and your needs from each facility for each type of energy that drives your production process. Monitor consumption at company level.

Cost control & estimates

Thanks to customised data management software, you can draw up your operational plan easily and reliability using as a tool the historical data of your providers, current operational planning for your facilities and the analyses prepared by Velocity’s  expert consultants. Project your energy cost based on your consumption history and correlate costs with your production planning.

Billing control

Get a complete picture of your energy cost through your billing history, either by facility or at company level. Find out about historical data and use the analyses on your current operational planning to optimise your energy cost.

Aggregated Data Analysis & Reporting

Get personalised information on your enterprise’s data related to all energy resource issues through quantified analyses, dynamic charts and clear graphs that will help you keep track of the overall picture.