Incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors is an imperative for enterprises that want to maintain their competitiveness. Actions and investments that clearly demonstrate environmental and social benefits attract easier and more advantageous financing from public and private bodies, banks and the global financial system. Sustainable development helps improve environmental and social performance that now serves as a key criterion for decision-making by investors and banks. However, although sustainable development is a prerequisite for bolstering business growth, the lack of data prevents many enterprises from incorporating ESG factors.

Velocity is the only company with the knowledge and experience to lead any enterprise to adopt sustainable development strategies by providing data-driven solutions. By following tried-and-true practices, it can plan actions that ensure lower operating costs, reduce the environmental footprint, limit supply chain risks and support regulatory compliance in every area of the ESG criteria.

ESG Strategy

Get reliable and timely information on internationally recognised metric tools and user friendly ESG reporting systems to take immediate advantage of the added value they bring to your business operation and image. Act proactively so that developments in the penetration of Environmental-Social-Governance criteria find you prepared to collect the correct data and prepare sustainability reports to be required by the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Τarget Ιmplementation Monitoring

Set targets for improving ESG indicators based on guidelines developed by the Athens Stock Exchange and follow your progress in achieving these targets through your actions. Velocity  software enables you to take account of changes both at company and at individual facility level so you can focus on specific areas that need your attention.

Annual Sustainability Reporting

Through automated processes, you can export data, qualitative/quantitative analyses and the course of changes in ESG indicators you monitor to create annual sustainability reports for your organisation. The annual reports generated by Velocity software meet all legal requirements for sustainability reporting and can be submitted to public or private bodies or be used as tools for reviewing your company.