Energy Contracts

Energy Contracts

The energy crisis has led to unprecedented volatility in power and natural gas rates. The manufacturing industry, a large segment of the commercial sector (supermarkets, bakeries, department stores, etc.) and the services sector (banks, hotels, logistics centres, schools, gyms, etc.) are having to deal with adjustments that have a direct impact on the cost of the products and services they offer. Moreover, insight into power providers strategies is not always available, since it requires specialised knowledge and analysis of energy market data at a local and global level.

Velocity relies on the expert knowledge of its staff of consultants and its custom software, to enable businesses develop control mechanisms and regulate their energy expenditures.

Velocity has the know-how to conduct tenders and assess the most suitable provider, evaluate contracts and negotiate on market terms, to ensure its customers get the most advantageous prices when buying energy.

Nowadays, after state interventions to reduce costs to manufacturing companies by providing strong incentives to renewable energy producers, manufacturers are able to enter into agreements with renewable energy generators and/or providers that represent them to secure lower costs over the long term. In this way, they gain all of the advantages that enterprises meeting sustainable development conditions have and will have (access to preferential financing, “green” labelling and certification of their products, etc.).

Velocity has the ability to provide its customers with quantities of renewable energy at regular intervals to allow them to enter into power purchase agreements (PPAs). In the event demand exceeds supply, Velocity will conduct an auction of these amounts solely for its customers for the purchase of energy through a competitive process.

Active Contracts Monitoring

Ensure absolute control for effective management of active contracts for each of your enterprise’s facilities, in Greece or abroad, and compare pricing policies, duration, clauses and deadlines from all suppliers you work with.  Obtain a complete picture of your power and natural gas agreements at a glance, via smart summary graphs and dynamic data tables.

Energy Provider Tendering

You can be automatically notified when contracts are nearing their end date and initiate the tendering process to request offers from as many energy suppliers (electricity, natural gas, etc.) as you want. The experienced consultants at Velocity  are deeply knowledgeable about the market and will help you navigate the process of quickly and strategically selecting a provider that meets your needs.

PPA Auctions (Power Purchase Agreements)

Minimise the financial risk inherent in the intense mobility of the wholesale energy market by locking in a fixed and fair price for green energy over the coming years, directly from the generator. Secure your participation in the closed auctions held by Velocity via live transmission using transparent mechanisms.

For power producers:
Apply to participate in a PPA auction for industrial consumers