Energy Risk Management

Energy Risk Management

The constantly changing conditions on the energy market create a suffocating framework for projecting energy costs in industry, particularly due to the high volatility of the wholesale electricity and natural gas market. The national electricity mix, combined with international conditions, create such instability that the direct application of techniques to offset risk in industrial energy supply is considered an imperative and immediate need.
Velocity offers consulting services on offsetting energy risk through a specialised decision-making system it has developed, always in line with the set parameterization based on the energy supply strategy for each industry.

By applying risk offset techniques to energy supply, you can assess the following based on documentation and your energy profile:

  • when you should consider hedging
  • how much energy you should hedge to offset your business risk to the optimal degree
  • how to execute orders for buying a specific quantity
  • alternative solutions for the energy balance in order to create the best portfolio of energy supply solutions
  • active, ongoing monitoring of agreements so they can be adjusted in a timely manner, depending on circumstances and institutional changes

Energy Portfolio Strategy

Formulate the appropriate strategy to help you reduce energy costs and to offset the risk arising from your exposure on the wholesale energy market. Take advantage of our specialist knowledge to determine the energy mix that will ensure the required level of security for your energy supply and determine the ideal way to incorporate it.

Using interactive graphs and strategy development reporting, we ensure the best possible forecasts for utilising your energy mix.

Energy Innovation Consulting

Secure your position at the cutting edge of innovation by staying abreast of any new form of energy generation or other method of meeting energy needs useful to you, through circular economy practices (biogas production and combustion), green energy (net metering, combined self-generation and storage) and other ground-breaking applications.

PPA Sourcing Support

Be the first to learn about new PPAs available on the free market, consider the potential benefit of entering into a PPA and find out about the economic and environmental benefits your company could realise.
Our team of specialised consultants can provide you with technical and legal support when negotiating the terms of a PPA.

Risk Offsetting by Hedging

Offset your energy risk by entering into futures contracts at a fixed price (energy hedging) and actively participating in futures market trading on the Hellenic Energy Exchange. The consultants at Velocity  will help you optimise energy quantity and purchase price based on your energy profile and market conditions. The aim of this service is to make the best investment to offset your energy risk in the short and medium term.

Demand-Response budget mechanism

Aggregate consumption budgets with changes in energy prices on spot market system of the Hellenic Energy Exchange and schedule your industrial production rates accordingly.